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what if the solution was in a cell?
cellula+ is the advanced cosmetics line created by Atar22 together with Dr Rita Giacomello, a famous aesthetic doctor. cellula+ is aimed at the best beauty professionals and enhances their skills to offer an excellent service to consumers.
cellula+ is cosmetological science
cellula+ is the cutting-edge and safe response to cellular renewal.  Advanced professional treatments and innovative home care cosmetics for perfectly regenerated and oxygenated skin.
cellula+ is innovation and safety
cellula+ is a balanced formulation tested to respond with extraordinary effectiveness to the most common beauty needs of the skin: dehydration, the presence of mild and deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin spots, enlarged pores, thickening.
cellula+ is make a difference
cellula+ is for those who have chosen to work with passion, competence and attention to the other. For this reason it is aimed at enhancing the best aesthetic professionals and offering an excellent service for the skin.
cellula+ home care is nutri-cosmetic
cellula+ professional path is integrated by the home nutri-cosmetic line acts both from the outside and from the inside with food supplements and is designed for the maintenance and optimization of the treatment in the cabin.

The most powerful chemistry is you!

"We are made of energy
it's up to us to make it a tool
to go in the direction we want
and accomplish great things.

It's the way we use our energy. 
to determine the result." 

Enter the cellula+ network ... a world of attention in + for your skin!
exclusively in the best beauty salons